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    Bahama Pintail (Anas bahamensis)

    RANGE: Brackish lakes, estuaries, and mangrove swamps in the Caribbean, south America, and the Galapagos Islands.
    HABITAT:Large lakes with plenty of vegetation in open , treeless landscapes.
    DISCRIPTION: The Bahama Pintail has a brown crown and nape with white cheeks, and throat, blue-grey beak with red at its base, dark brown upperparts, whitish pointed tail, underparts are lighter brown with black spots on the breast and belly. Eyes are brown and legs are dark grey. The female is very similar but has duller beak and face and a shorter tail.
    AVAIRY POSITION:Well planted 12m2 avairy with a pond.
    FEEDING: Corn, wheat, oats, rye, millet, milo , stale bread, potatoe, greens and pellet feeds.
    BREEDING AGE: First year.
    BREEDING SEASON: May - June.
    NUMBER OF EGGS IN A YEAR: 5-12 eggs.
    INCUBATION PERIOD: 21-23 days.