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    Grey Peacock Pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum bakeri)

    RANGE: Southeast Asia, Bhutan and Western Assam.
    HABITAT:Tropical forests.
    HISTORY: Lowe 1925.
    DISCRIPTION: You have to be careful in the cold winter time as they are from tropical forests. In the very cold days they do require some heat and also in summer time you have to provide plenty of shade.
    AVAIRY POSITION:Well planted 12 m2 avairy.
    FEEDING: Pellets, seeds, green food, live food and also many types of fruits.
    BREEDING AGE:First year.
    BREEDING SEASON: March to July.
    NUMBER OF EGGS IN A YEAR: 8-12 eggs.
    INCUBATION PERIOD: 21-22 days.