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    Hume's Pheasant (Syrmaticus humiae humiae)

    RANGE: Thailand , Northern Burma and Northeastern India.
    HABITAT:They live in the mountains at around 1200-3000 meters.
    HISTORY: Oates 1898.
    DESCRIPTION: They are not so common in avairies and you have to be careful about the hybrids with Mikado & Elliot. In winter you have to provide some dry shelter to them.
    AVAIRY POSITION:Well planted 12m2 avairy.
    FEEDING: Pellets, seeds, green food, live food.
    BREEDING AGE:In the first year.
    BREEDING SEASON: In April & May.
    NUMBER OF EGGS IN A YEAR: 12-22 eggs.
    INCUBATION PERIOD: 27-28 days.