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    Blue Eared (Crossoptilon auritum)

    RANGE: Western and central China.
    HABITAT:They live in coniferous forests up to 3300 meters.
    HISTORY: Pallas 1811.
    DISCRIPTION: They are most common member of eared Pheasants. They can easily become quite tame. You can feed them out of your hands. They are great diggers and they can destroy the plants very quickly in the avairy. It is better to use big and higher plants in the avairies and as they like to dig the ground give them worms frequently.
    AVAIRY POSITION:Well planted 18 m2 avairy.
    FEEDING: Pellets, seeds, green food, live food.
    BREEDING AGE: Second year but also it is possible to have fertile eggs in the first year.
    BREEDING SEASON:April to June.
    NUMBER OF EGGS IN A YEAR:12-18 eggs.
    INCUBATION PERIOD: 26-28 days.