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Eron Gamebirds & Ornamental Birds' Farm
Kamil ve Müjgan Eron

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My interest about pheasants and the other birds began in 1995 with a female ring necked pheasant. I tried to find a male to her but I found a silver male that year. Later I started to search information about the pheasants and I could not find enough information writen about pheasants or birds in my country. Because of my job I have been in Istanbul once a month so I searched in Istanbul for the pheasants and I found a pair of golden and silver and ring necked. I made a incubater by myself with a 75 watt lamp and with this incubater I had 24 chicks of ring necked pheasants in a season from 2 females. That seoson was the begining of my dreams. In 19'th of may in 1998 I bought a semi-professional incubater and with the help of internet I started to learn a lot of information about pheasants and about the other species. I bought a lot of books from internet and also I became a member of W.P.A.

My country is the habitat of many birds like; caspian snowcock , see see partridge , chukar , Phasianus colchicus colchicus , Black caucasian grouse , grey partridge , great bustard and many more birds and also many waterfowl . But nowadays the numbers of the birds are declining very quickly and somebody must do something to protect the birds. Of course the best way protect their natural habitat but I think it is important to breed them in aviraies too.

With this web page I am tring to reach other people who are interesting in breeding pheasants , partridges , quails , etc. I think we have to share our experiences with eachother not to lose time and birds.